Welcome to Public Libraries Online Transitions Wiki

To host their websites, many small public libraries across the state of Oregon currently use Public Library Interface Kit (Plinkit), a multi-state collaborative project that provided an open source template-based website creation tool kit for libraries. The Oregon State Library is phasing out Plinkit as a website host this year. Consequently, libraries throughout the state will need to find new platforms for their websites. The Curry Public Library in Gold Beach, Oregon, is one such library. Our group was tasked with creating a new library website for them.

The Public Library Online Transitions(PLOT) Wiki documents the process by which we tackled Curry Public Library's transition from Plinkit to a new website. For many reasons, documented herein, we chose WordPress as the new website platform and so some of the wiki will be devoted exclusively to the WordPress implementation. It is our hope, however, that by documenting our process we may provide a road map for other libraries transitioning away from Plinkit, regardless of what platform they ultimately choose.

This wiki is divided into several major components:
  • Orientation
  • Research
  • Preparation for Implementation
  • Implementation


1) Build a site that addresses community needs and reflects the priorities of the library.

2) Use our knowledge of best practices for web design to create a site with improved
functionality and accessibility.

3) Create a website that is easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate.

Mission Statement:

To create a simple accessible website which will provide library services, support, guidance and access to information resources to meet the information needs of Curry County residents.