1) Create Style Guide

Before implementation it is necessary to create a style guide to provide standards for the content on the site. Under the theory that there's no reason to reinvent the wheel if we didn't have to we chose to adapt a style guide from Clark College Cannell Library.

Style Guide

2) Budget

Projected Cost for First Year of Implementation:
Validity of Expenditure
Farad Template
Structure and aesthetic meet site needs
Domain Name
Makes site easier to locate
$54.04 (2 years)
Linux Hosting
Necessary for site
Protects site from spam
$60 ($5/per month)
Shutterstock Clip Art
Provides images/icons for site
Total Cost


3) Timeline


Phase 1 - 1 month
Phase 2 - 2 weeks
Phase 3 - 2 weeks
Phase 4 - 1 month
Phase 5 - 2 weeks
Phase 6 - 2 months

1. Evaluate current website, decide on essential functions and necessary pages.
1. Request input from staff and community as to what is most important for the library website.
1. Investigate needs of community
1. Establish necessary improvements.
2. Create site map - this will help determine appropriate host and theme.
3. Budget - this will help determine appropriate host and theme.
3. Research content management options. Decide on content management system
4. Establish best practices for web design.
4. Establish style guide.
4. Research templates for selected host platform
4. Apply site map to favorite templates
5. Select/purchase template
6. Begin implementation
6. Apply site map to selected template
6. Populate pages with content
6. Use forums and support to troubleshoot construction and design